Turtle Tough Ultrasound Ports

Ultrasound Ports

Keep energized electrical equipment closed during ultrasound inspections with the Turtle Tough Ultrasound port. Closed-panel inspections eliminate inherently high risk tasks, such as removing panels or opening hinged doors, making your work processes safer for personnel, plant assets and processes. Ports provide direct line of site access to ultrasonic waves that are otherwise not accessible from equipment with tight seals.

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Ultrasound ports provide safe access to “inaccessible” energized equipment.

Turtle Tough Ultrasound Ports feature a conical backend to capture and focus ultrasonic waves from broad angles within the equipment. Conical front-end allows for the technician to angle data-collection cones for line-of-site aim through the port of over 45º for direct access to most components in switch gear.


Structural Integrity

– Body & cover machined from bar stock aluminum(stainless steel available)
– Port Opening Just ¼”ø

Broad Listening Area

– Conical Backend to Focus Ultrasound Waves
– Conical Front-end to Focus Data Collector
– Better than 45º Line-of-Sight


– Direct Line-of-Sight Access to Sources of Acoustic Emissions Yields Superior Data vs/ Reflected Data, or Data Filtered Through Seals


– Closed-Panel Inspection Eliminates High-Risk Tasks
– Use Ultrasound Ports to Troubleshoot Switchgear or Transformers Prior to Opening Enclosures to Ensure Absence of Electrical Discharges like Arcing, Corona and Tracking.

XUP-A-25-H-X XUP-S-25-H-X
Material Specifications
Body & Cover Material Bar Stock Aluminum: Anodized & Powder Coated Bar Stock Stainless Steel
Cover Screw* ¼-20 Captive Stainless Steel
Hinge Hardware Stainless Steel
Gaskets Neoprene
Locking Nut (standard “Conduit Nut”) Zinc Plated Steel
Dimension Specifications (nom.)
Body and Cover (L x H) 2.0 in x 2.0 in (50 mm) x (50 mm)
Total Width (Body + Cover) 0.9 in (23 mm)
Cover Thickness 0.4 in (10 mm)
Aperture Dimension 0.25 in diam (6 mm diam)
Standards / Testing
UL 508 / 508A Compliant
NEMA Environmental Rating NEMA 4X (Closed); NEMA 1 (Open)
Ingress Protection (IP) IP65 (Closed); IP20 (Open)
Voltage Range Low, Medium & High
Grounding Automatically grounds when mounted to grounded panel/door
Installation 1/2” Punch or Bit
Lifetime Warranty Unconditional for Materials & Workmanship
Country of Origin Proudly Made in the USA